Michael you are now in a far better place.
You were too good for this world. We miss you so much Michael.
R.I.P. MJ :(

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nail Tutorial: Superman/ Supergirl Nails

I decided to make my second nail tutorial. I was inspired this time by the lovely super duo, Superman and Supergirl. So this will be the design I will be rocking this week.

Here's what was used:
Petites: "Sapphire" - Blue
Kiss Nail Art:
Yellow, Red, and Gold Glitter
Sally Hansen:
Clear Top/Base Coat
Yellow, Red and Blue


Just_Wondering said...

I cannot believe that you can do these designs on your nails all by yourself!!! When did you start doing it?

Chick Vision said...

Hey Just_Wondering!!! I started doing my own manicures at the beginning of the year. I'm still no pro but I'm getting there. Thanks for visiting... :)

Anonymous said...

thats too cute, I am trying to start a nail blog, I will give you the address when I get it up and running. I used to be into growing out my hair, but cut it in a cute bob style and actually want to keep the back cut and sides longer.

Chick Vision said...

Hey Pam! Thanks for visiting! I can't wait to see your blog and your various nail designs. Yay! I get another nail blog to stalk, I mean follow...lol...

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