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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Hair Blues :( Another Setback!

Well ladies, this blog was made to document the progress of my hair, and unfortunately, the setbacks as well. So far the second year of my hair journey is not going as well as I hoped it would. Well the only way I can think of fixing this downward spiral my hair is on, is by back tracking to where I starting noticing the problem.

Okay where do I start...here it goes....
I first noticed trouble right after I celebrated my one year hair anniversary. (Oh the irony!) This was back at the end of October to the beginning of November 2008. Now I don't want to start there. I think I should go back a few more months to when I changed my whole regimen completely. I changed it in July.

In July, I started to add a whole bunch of products that probably were not right for my hair. On the flip side I started to eliminated products that actually made my hair thrive. Why did I do this? I have no clue. I changed my flat irons (yes it makes a big difference) and I started using cheap conditioners that didn't penetrated the hair shaft. There's more, but to much to list right now.

Not only did I add and eliminate products. I also added and eliminated different techniques and care, too.

Look what 2 months of slacking, laziness, and no care can do to 12 months of progress. The first picture is from Nov-2008 and the second one was taken today Feb-1,2009. :(

The solution:

Now here's the tricky part. I plan to go back to the old regimen I had. Before all of this nonsense happened. The thing is, I can't remember everything I used to do. lol... My plan is to slowly build my regimen back to the way it used to be.

I plan to get back on track starting today!


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