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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Almost BSL!!!

I decided to take my sew-in out 5 weeks earlier than I had planned. I got anxious and couldn't wait another 5 whole weeks to touch my hair again. So I took it out on Saturday and relaxed it. I'm happy with my progress, but I'm not happy with the results of my relaxer. I don't know if it's because I didn't detangle so well, but some parts of my hair came out underprocessed. And some other parts came out overprocessed. I'm more upset with the overprocessing part. I'll be doing a corrective relaxer at the end of the year. Other than that I can now say that I have made a full recovery from my very frustrating setback that I had in March.

Here are my progress pics:


Charnelle - MoreToLife.ThanThis said...

Your hair is so beautiful, healthy & long! Keep growing!

Chick Vision said...

Thanks Charnelle!

LaQT said...

Your hair looks great!!! Almost BSL? You look BSL to me, maybe not full BSL but your there. your progressing along to your goals beautifully.

audrey said...

you have really beautiful hair :) more and more pretty^^ good luck to reach your goal :)

LaQT said...

I'm getting ready to try a sew in. Do you have any tips or any videos that you could lead me to?

Chick Vision said...

Hey LaQT! Here's a tutorial that's similar to how I do mine.


Her tutorial is mainly for a partial sew in. It's very close to how I do my sew in. The only difference is that I braid everything to the back. I never leave hair un-braided in the back. I did it once and I got nothing but split ends.

I hope this helps... :)

LaQT said...

Thanks for the video, it is very helpful. I'm thinking about trying it this weekend since I will be off and will have a couple extra days to fool with it. Do you leave any hair out in the front, if not how do you do the front, the only thing that scares me is wondering how I will do the front, b/c the horseshoe-style sew-in with a closure scares me a little. Do u have pics of the front?

Chick Vision said...

Your welcome LaQT! Yep I usually leave hair out in the front in horseshoe-style way. I actually never took any pics of the front. But I will be doing another sew-in in a few weeks so I will definitely take some pics of the front for you.

Chick Vision said...

Thanks audrey!!!

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