Michael you are now in a far better place.
You were too good for this world. We miss you so much Michael.
R.I.P. MJ :(

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hair Update: Back To The Weave

Okay so after I took out my last sew-in, I thought I was going to go until November until I could get another sew-in done. Well that never happened. About a week after I took it out. I went and put a fresh new sew-in back in my hair. I just really want to get those last couple of inches before the year ends. I don't want to do anything that might jeopardized that. Also it was around this time last year when I started the downward spiral to my first hair setback. I never want to experience that again. I know I'll have to deal with my hair again one day. But it ain't happening at all for the rest of this year. I refuse!

Also I will be doing nail designs again. I should have a new nail design this weekend. I may even do a tutorial on french tips! :)


LaQT said...

You know I wanna see it. I'm mad that your not doing other ppl's hair, but that's okay. Your progress in your fotki from sew-ins is unreal! Looking out for pics!!

Chick Vision said...

lol...I didn't take a pic of it yet. But I'll probably style it this week and post a pic of it.

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