Michael you are now in a far better place.
You were too good for this world. We miss you so much Michael.
R.I.P. MJ :(

Thursday, April 23, 2009


lol...Don't worry, not my hair, just my nails. Well, a day after I posted about my broken nail, I ended up breaking two more. So today I just decided to do a big chop on them. I cut down the other nails to match close enough to the broken nails. They look way better now. It just looked too weird having long nails on some fingers and broken short nails on the other fingers. ANYWHO...I did a quick manicure just to get me thru the weekend. I polished my nails with Sinful Colors "Fui" (Purple) and "Paris" (Gold Glitter). Nothing major...just needed something to get me through the rest of this week.


LoveableShorty said...

I love your blog and i see your on a hair journey too can u please do a video on how you did the shea butter for your hair.

Chick Vision said...

Thanks! Yep, I'll try to make a video on it real soon. I think I'm going to be ordering more shea butter anyways so I can make some for my sister. So I'll video tape it when I make a batch for her. Thanks for visiting!!! :)

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