Michael you are now in a far better place.
You were too good for this world. We miss you so much Michael.
R.I.P. MJ :(

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What To Get For Mom?

Alright, Mother's day is in two weeks...and if you're like me you're probably trying to top last years gift. I honestly still don't know what to get her. I have alot of I ideas but I'm still not sure. The only thing she's mentioned was she wanted a really good pot set. Well, up until last week I was planning on getting that for her, until she went and ordered one online for herself (HINT FOR THE MOTHERS OUT THERE: Please refrain from buying yourselves anything when Mother's day is so close. Your making it very hard for your kids when you do this.) So now I'm back at square one. Last year I bought my mom an edible arrangements bouquet. She love it, but I don't want to give her the same thing two times in a row.

Well here are some of the ideas I came up with so far:

  • Bouquet of flowers
  • Send her to the spa
  • Gift basket of hair products
  • Take her out to dinner
Oh I'm still debating, but if anybody has any other great ideas, please LET ME KNOW!


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