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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hair Update: Back On Track

I'm glad to say that after my setback about 3 months ago, I am officially back on track to reaching my next goal, which is Bra-strap length. YAY!!! After stretching for 8 weeks I decided to get a touch up. I really wanted to stretch much longer but I have an audition Monday and I didn't wanted 5 different textures to deal with.

So I relaxed last night with Soft & Beautiful. Then after I washed and conditioned, I put in some NTM leave-in and Hollywood Beauty Creme while my hair was still wet. Then I set my hair in rollers to dry. About half way drying I got tired so I just left the roller in, put a scarf over it, and I went to my bed. This morning I used the Organix Cocount Heat Serum as I flat ironed my hair.

Here are the results: (Click photos to enlarge)


LaQT said...

Glad you are back on track. Yes, you are so close to your goal, if not already there. Great progress. Looking forward to your official BSL announcement!

KATE said...

you hair looks amazing =]
what was your audition for?

Chick Vision said...

Hey LaQT...Thanks so much...I so can't wait to reach BSL!

Hi Kate...Thanks...My audition this time is for a local theatre play. I usually try independent films but this will be my first time trying out for theatre. Wish me luck! :)

LoveableShorty said...

good job girl i recent did a post as well about my hair and i am almost there to brastrap am so happy and i hope you get there too.god bless.

Chick Vision said...

Congrats LovableShorty! I bet it feels so good to be so close. I can't wait myself.

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