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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nail Design: Pink Is My Favorite Color

Everytime I think of pink the song from Aerosmith pops into my head...lol...
Well, I rocked "Cabana" from the Sinful Colors Collection this week. I actually did these when I was crunched for time, so I couldn't really do much of a design. But I did do some kind of Burberry plaid pattern design on the ring finger. I hope yall like it.
(Click Photos to Enlarge)


LaQT said...

You are so creative with your nails. I went out and bought the design polish to try some things myself. I have been using the nail stickers for awhile. I would go get a french manicure and then add the design that I wanted. You are amazingly creative.

Chick Vision said...

Hey LaQT...thanks girl. You can definitely get started on designing your own nails. First start with an easy design...It's way better than paying someone to do it for you.

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