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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!

My mom definitely enjoyed Mother's Day today. I made sure she didn't go hungry at all...lol. Seriously, she did not go hungry at all. My gift to her for Mother's Day was to cook her a great breakfast and dinner.

This morning I woke up real early and made her some french toast, eggs, and pancakes for breakfast. Then I placed her flowers on the center of the table with her card and gift card to MACY's. Then when she woke up I had it beautifully presented to her, with cranberry apple juice. She loved it so much...she even said the french toast was so tasty. YAY!!! A+ for the breakfast.

Then for dinner I put my new cooking skills to the test and I made chicken alfredo. OMG she loved it...Gosh the whole family loved it. It tasted so good.

And last night I baked her some cheescake brownies so that she can enjoy them all day for Mother's Day.

So all in all she had a great day and it was nice seeing a great smile on her face. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM!!!! :)


LaQT said...

Wow you did an excellent job. I can't vouch for the taste but it sure looks scrumptious. Cheesecake brownies...um, I thought you said you couldn't cook?

Chick Vision said...

Yep those brownies tasted sooo good...lol...Yep, everyone's knows I cant cook but I'm still working on my cooking skills...I hope I'm getting better. Trust me I've come a long way from that orange chicken I tried to make a few weeks back. Now every time I cook my family is afraid for their safety.

LoveableShorty said...

this looks great i hope she enjoyed her day.

Chick Vision said...

Hi LoveableShorty, yes she did enjoy it. She didn't even get sick from my cooking either.

Tiffanyantt said...

I think that was very sweet. I bet she enjoyed that.

Chick Vision said...

Hey Tiffanyantt...yep she sure did enjoy it. It's funny cause she just asked me to make some more today.

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