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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hair Update! Rollersetting Regimen

Ever since my trim last weekend, I have been babying my hair nonstop. During the week I realized that in order for me to really keep my ends extremely healthy I would have to start rollersetting after every wash. I mean, it makes sense right? I won't be using direct heat, like a flat iron, just to get my hair straight. Airdrying was okay...but it sometime left my hair a bit tangled and it definitely didn't dry straight. Plus rollersetting gives me a chance to detangle every inch of hair on my head. So that's a major plus.
So I've decided to put myself on a rollersetting challenge for a whole year. I believe that my hairs health will definitely improve. I think it will also aid in retaining all of my length this time and fewer trims would be needed.

I did a rollerset this weekend and it came out perfect. After I took out the rollers, I used a wide tooth comb to comb through curls. This gave it nice deep waves. So then I used control clips to clip up the front of my hair out of my face and I had an instant style. So here's the final result to your right.========>

Here's some tips from ehow.com to getting the perfect rollerset:

  • Keep each section soaking wet, especially the ends, they should "cling" to the rollers once your start applying them.
  • Use tension when rolling your hair. This is ensure that your hair will sit straight on the roller and get a better curl and silkier finish
  • Make sure the roller is clipped to the scalp. They should feel nice and tense, not wobbly.
  • Use different rollers to achieve your look you want. Use smaller rollers for a tighter curl; larger rollers for lose waves and curls.
  • Decide if you like foam or setting lotion. (I prefer just a leave in and water, the hair doesn't come out crispy and it has a light bounce to it.)
  • Give yourself enough time to roll hair and sit under the dryer. The whole process may take between 2-5 hours, so maybe think about roller setting on the weekends. (It took me 2-3 hours to get it done this weekend. I hope to get better as I do it more frequently.)
  • And remember, a good roller set takes lot's of practice! Don't be surprised at this.
* My comments on the tips are in pink.


theresa stacey said...

You inspired me to do a rollerset for the first time in MONTHS haha, it didn't turn out as pretty & shiny as yours but I'm glad I got the practice :)

Chick Vision said...

Awww...I'm sorry it didn't turn out well. I definitely am not perfect yet but practice makes perfect. So keep doing it and you'll be pro in no time.

Notion said...

i know you wanted people to comment about your hair which is pretty good looking, but i had to tell you the songs on yo page is hot (the rock song i heard)

Chick Vision said...

Hey Notion! Thanks! I love all types of music that sounds good, especially rock music. Thanks for visiting! :)

DeJa Vu said...

I've always wanted to rollerset often, but the sheer time it takes is a serious de-motivator. When I do rollerset I always love the results, but my laziness is getting the better of me and my hair.

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