Michael you are now in a far better place.
You were too good for this world. We miss you so much Michael.
R.I.P. MJ :(

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nail Design: Hart Foundation Vol. 1

Hey ladies here are the nails I'm rocking this week. I grew up watching and loving wrestling. So this is my first tribute to the best wrestling family: The Harts. I believe these nails represent them well, with the traditional pink and black.

I think it matches well...I plan to do something a little more next time. I might add some rhinestones and a cute heart in the design next time. So here is my Hart inspired manicure.

Here's what I used:
-Petites: "Night" -Black
-KISS Brush-On Nail Art Paint :(Pink and Silver Glitter) -This has a nice thin brush, which allows me to make really cute designs.
-Sally Hansen :Clear Top/Base Coat

...Oh yeah, it didn't take long to do at all. After I painted my nails with the black polish, I let it dry. Then I used the pink nail art polish, and made a few streaks from the corner of nail. Then I went over it with the silver...to make it sparkle!


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